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Konkurrence og EXIF problemer

06/11-2010 at 10:40

Aynia Brennan Aynia Brennan writes::  I tried uploading one of the photos taken with my new camera to the competition...

It said - exif problems etc.

Now I've looked at the exif and can't see what the problem is.

So I uploaded one of the silly photos from the storvidtsjagt thread to see what would happen and it says exif data problem. (eg it's missing or is not taken within the time period)

I have uploaded 3 photos to my gallery that were taken in the same time period and the exif data seems to come up.

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/11-2010 at 10:54 by Aynia Brennan

I've examined the exif data - with Irfanview exif reader... and compared it to another photo I've uploaded to the competition.

There doesn't appear to be any difference in the data (I thought something would show up)... except the date they were taken.

Is the competition somehow programmed not to recognise photos taken in June?? - accidentally of course. That's the only thing I can think of.

Anyone else have the same problem with photos taken in June?

Villy Leif Olsson

Commented 06/11-2010 at 12:04 by Villy Leif Olsson

There has been too much rain in June. 90mm until now :)
The year in the camera is 2010?

Villy Leif Olsson

Commented 06/11-2010 at 12:09 by Villy Leif Olsson

Thats why it's raining so much. The competition is about water :)

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/11-2010 at 12:10 by Aynia Brennan

Villy too much rain!! Lol!! The subject is Vand!!

It's not the camera because I got it in May and I uploaded one of the first few photos I took with it and it goes fine - no complaints about no exif data or the wrong data. And I did think perhaps the date was set all wrong on it.

I'm pretty sure there is a bug that won't accept June photos... but of course I could be wrong!

Villy Leif Olsson

Commented 06/11-2010 at 12:44 by Villy Leif Olsson

I have just tried with a picture from 06.06.2010 and it went though the needle eye (nåleøjet)

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/11-2010 at 12:48 by Aynia Brennan

Ach... then why did my may photo go through and my June ones didn't? I will try some from various dates in June to see what happens..

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/11-2010 at 12:50 by Aynia Brennan

This is what I get... took a silly photo yesterday and it's not water.

Billedet er ikke taget i konkurrence-perioden eller mangler Exif-data og er derfor diskvalificeret
Slet billedet og upload et nyt.

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/11-2010 at 13:06 by Aynia Brennan

Up until may 31 all the photos go through...

June 2nd is the next one.. none on 1st june and nothing goes through after that.. all get the error message.

So the question is... what has suddenly gone wrong with the camera... and while I have touched a few settings.. the exif data is still there and I didn't touch the time and the date.

All suggestions welcome. I would like to use one of these June photos in the competition. I can try setting the camera back to the factory default... but am a bit reluctant to do that yet.

Jens Stolt

Commented 06/11-2010 at 13:19 by Jens Stolt

Sounds strange. Frank must know? if any.

Villy Leif Olsson

Commented 06/11-2010 at 13:25 by Villy Leif Olsson

I can't imagine, that it's the code, as I have put one through the needle eye. See #5

Jens, you have Nikon D200 too, couldn't you try with one of your pictures from June?

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/11-2010 at 13:37 by Aynia Brennan

I've examined exif data of two.. one may and one june and to be honest I can't figure out that the problem is.... They appear to have the same exif (except shutter, colours, and those kind of places.).

I think I'll go borrow next door's point and shoot and take a pic and see what happens.

Maybe I'm banned from the competition???!!!!!;)

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/11-2010 at 14:18 by Aynia Brennan

So I borrowed an old point and shoot and uploaded this pic to the competition and it got the exif error message too! I made sure the date was set correctly...!! :)

Now I wonder why Villy got his through!!??? :) Maybe it's a secret plot... to eliminate the competition?! ;)

Author: Aynia Brennan

Villy Leif Olsson

Commented 06/11-2010 at 14:24 by Villy Leif Olsson

Because it's an Olympus :))

Villy Leif Olsson

Commented 06/11-2010 at 14:30 by Villy Leif Olsson

Aynia, I hadn't seen the text under the picture: "Billedet er ikke taget i konkurrence-perioden eller mangler Exif-data og er derfor diskvalificeret
Slet billedet og upload et nyt."

Then it must be the code !!!


Commented 06/11-2010 at 16:38 by JH

I just tried to upload a random photo with EXIF, shot the sixth of june.
It did`nt "go through", and I got the same error-mesagge as Aynia and Villy.
It was shot with my Canon 7D.

Vinni Bruhn

Commented 06/11-2010 at 18:54 by Vinni Bruhn

I get the same error with a picture taken today.

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/11-2010 at 21:45 by Aynia Brennan

It's good to know I'm not the only one....

Now if only Villy had seen the message... I would not have had to beg for a camera from next door to do the test!! ;)

Villy Leif Olsson

Commented 06/11-2010 at 22:06 by Villy Leif Olsson

Aynia, I am still very sorry, but all those small letters, do really read them? :))


Commented 06/12-2010 at 12:03 by Siteadministrator

Problemet er løst for denne runde.
Jeg havde glemt at jeg endnu ikke har "opfundet" koden til at kontrollere den lovlige upload-periode. Det skal stadig stilles manuelt for hver runde, så det må I da gerne minde mig om

Go' kamp!

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/13-2010 at 15:20 by Aynia Brennan

Mange tak, FJ!

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