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New Bolivian Highland Butterflies Movie

03/07-2010 at 09:11

Lars Andersen Lars Andersen writes::  Peter Møllmann has create a film about butterflies from cloud forests up to the eastern slopes of the Andes mountain from 1500 to 2600 altitude in the Yungas, Bolivia;

Peter filming a parrot on January 31, 2010 on the road to Coroico from Caranavi
Author: Lars Andersen

Martin Bjerg

Commented 03/07-2010 at 10:24 by Martin Bjerg

Nydeligt. Fine dyr og orchidéer. Venter med glæde på den næste.

Jens Stolt

Commented 03/09-2010 at 20:38 by Jens Stolt

Tænk sig, de sælger papegøjeæg. Det er alligevel eksotisk.

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