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Mariehøne frokost

06/03-2010 at 11:20

Aynia Brennan Aynia Brennan writes::  I går i Stege.....

Ikke så godt.... men...
Author: Aynia Brennan

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/03-2010 at 11:20 by Aynia Brennan

Author: Aynia Brennan

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/03-2010 at 11:21 by Aynia Brennan

Depth of field is a bit "off" and I think perhaps camera shake!! oops!

Author: Aynia Brennan

Jens Stolt

Commented 06/03-2010 at 15:00 by Jens Stolt

Actually murderous bastards, these ladybugs.

Aynia Brennan

Commented 06/03-2010 at 21:36 by Aynia Brennan

lol!! Aren't they just. Most of the time people think they are so sweet!

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