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European Castor Bean Tick, Ixodes ricinus See more pictures of the species
 Skovflåt Ixodes ricinus
Data: NIKON D200, 60mm - f/8.0, 1/1500sec, ISO100
Filesize unknown!
on 06/03-2010
Author: Aynia Brennan
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Categori: Controlled Environment
Eeeewwwwwww!!! and double eeewwww! Found it just outside my door. Photo taken on a white piece of paper in bright sun... I could hardly bring myself to do it. Its little legs were moving all the time.

Jens Stolt

12:26 by
Jens Stolt
Hopefully you got a picture that can be isolated also.
It will sell.

Jakob Arnholtz

13:59 by
Jakob Arnholtz
Revolting!!!! And well done.

Aynia Brennan

21:44 by
Aynia Brennan
Tak Jens og Jakob!

But I have just discovered from another forum where there some scientists hang out....

From a nice German lady.... "A living female in that "shape" is soon going to lay a few thousand eggs. The larvae are very small and thus hard to spot, they bite too." -

A pregnant tick!!!... and it had to find me!

I did not put it far enough away from the house!!! Urghhh..

Jørgen Skantse

21:56 by
Jørgen Skantse
Arrh, look the poor thing is starving !
You should let it bite you and record a film of it


11:34 by
Deleted profile
Aynia: A little softer light would have made this beast more "eatable". On the other hand, if this is the harsh light from the dissection table I can hardly wait for the next images.
No!.. it's the sun. Then another small piece of paper to reflect some light into the shadow areas would have made her small hungry eyes more expressive. Details and colours are ok, but more blood would be appreciated!
(See the new article on this site about lightening up shadows.. ;O)

Aynia Brennan

22:17 by
Aynia Brennan
Hi Eigil.... I did actually try another piece of paper as a reflector.... it didn't work... or maybe I was a bit freaked out and didn't put it in the right place - camera in one hand, piece of paper reflector in the other and a lot of wind. so much that I was afraid that the paper and the tick would have blown off the "wall" and onto my bare feet!! ...... As for lightening up shadows... maybe I will look tomorrow.

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